Fire hose firefighter keychain – FIRE ELF



Firefighter keychain, red color flame shaped funny FIRE ELF key ring, fireman accessory from recycled fire hose. It got its name FIRE ELF because of its red colored flame shape and funny looking. Moreover this is our favicon.

You can buy this keychain in our Etsy Shop too.

  • Flame shaped firefighter keychain, accessory, keyholder from recycled fire hose.
  • The red color helps recognize your keys easier.
  • Assembled with a strong silver colored key ring.
  • Not only for keys but for gate opener remote control, ignition key or car key.
  • Healer of boredom and bad mood. Just put it on your working table and set a funny scene with it.
  • Suitable for vegan too, because made without violence from fire hose not from leather.
  • But never forget: Don’t play with fire, the fire is not a game.

Red flame shaped FIRE ELF recycled fire hose firefighter keychain, funny firefighter accessory is an ideal present. First of all for firefighter, fireman – even if volunteer or vegan. It can help to recognize your keys easier and make you happy if bored or have a bad mood. Best gift for birthday, wedding anniversary, Father’s Day. Furthermore for Christmas or St. Florian’s Day (International Firefighters’ Day on May 4). Good idea if you want to surprise someone only with a small present. Maybe a firefighter fireman fire chief.

You can buy this keychain in our Etsy Shop too.


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Dimensions: 3 x 7,5 cm (1,2″ x 3″)
Key ring: 3 cm (1,2″)
Color: red