Firefighter card holder – VULCANO



Firefighter card holder, mini wallet from durable fire hose to store your most important cards and banknotes in a small and secure place. It got its name from Vulcano, the small volcanic island in Sicily. The island named after the Roman god Vulcanus. So, the word ‘volcano’ derived from the name of this island.

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  • Practical slim and mini size card holder, banknote wallet.
  • Easily fits either in your front or back pocket.
  • Three same size pockets to store separately your cards or money.
  • Suitable for up to 6-8 standard size plastic cards or folded banknotes.
  • Store securely your ID or credit card, bank card, driving licence or even folded banknote, paper money.
  • Unisex design, suitable for men or women too.
  • Closable with strong rubber band to nothing to fall out.
  • Open easily and fast with one move.
  • Due to oblique design it’s easy to take out your cards or banknotes.
  • Simple black & white design with original thin red line and thin blue line.
  • With the small ear on back side, connectable to keyring, carabiner and wallet chain to make it more safe (not included).
  • Partially waterproof, thanks to the rubber layer inside.
  • Hard wearing, sewed with strong thread multiple times everywhere.
  • Suitable for vegan too, because made without violence from fire hose not from leather.
  • Deviant, eccentric and unique look not a crowd wallet.

Firefighter card holder is an ideal present first of all for men, fireman – even if volunteer – but women too. Because it’s a small size credit card wallet, also looks good in the woman’s hand. Moreover for fire chief, hubby, husband, fiance, boyfriend too – whether vegan or not. So, best gift for birthday, wedding anniversary, Father’s Day. Furthermore for Christmas or St. Florian’s Day (International Firefighters’ Day on May 4). Best solution to store your most important cards or banknotes in a small and secure place.

You can buy this card holder in our Etsy Shop too.


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Dimensions: 7,5 x 9,5 cm (3,0″ x 3,7″)
Thickness: 1 cm (0,4″)
Card capacity: 6-8 pieces